Cupertino City Council Candidates

There were three city council candidate forums on Zoom. The questions were different for each forum. If readers weren’t able to watch them live, here are the links, plus summaries of each one by Cupertino Today:

Candidates: Joseph “J.R.” Fruen, Hung Wei, Catherine “Kitty” Moore, Steven Scharf,  Charlene Shulien Lee

LWV Cupertino-Sunnyvale 2020 Pro/Con Webinars: Ballot Issues Explained

Voting involves more than candidates. The League of Women Voters provided  a webinar to help readers understand the numerous state and local propositions on the ballot.League of Women Voters representatives will explore the background, pros and cons and financial backing for the ballot issues. Questions will be answered live during these ZOOM virtual events on two dates:

State Propositions were presented on Saturday, Oct 17Local issues M, RR and S videos are available on the League of Women Voters YouTube channel.

Readers need to be aware of an important one at the bottom of the ballot. It is Measure M, which is the renewal of the $98 parcel tax to fund Fremont Union High School District’s budget. Renewal of this parcel tax is critical to balancing the district’s budget, but it has gotten little attention from the community. It requires a ⅔ vote since it is a tax measure. Readers can find more information at A measure like this, placed so far down the ballot, has to contend with ballot fatigue. If our schools and their funding matter to you, you might help combat that trend by spreading the word about this measure.

The LWV also provides the Voter’s Edge publication with a personalized ballot for only your districts. Just enter your address on the first page, and see information about the races that affect you. It’s a combination of information provided by candidates themselves as well as endorsements and contributions.


The YouTube video for the Rotary/LWVCS League of Women Voters – Cupertino Sunnyvale forum on September 30, 2020 featuring candidates for the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) Board is now available.

Candidates: Sylvia Leong, Phyllis Vogel, William Fluewelling, Sudha Kasamsetty

Of the four candidates, two are incumbents: Phyllis Vogel, who has a depth of administrative experience and institutional knowledge from many years on the Board and from her prior service in the District’s administration; and Sylvia Leong, who has served on the Board since a vacancy was created with the mid-term departure of Liang Chao.