Our Mission

The mission of Cupertino Matters is to provide civic information in a readable newsletter delivered to email inboxes on a timely basis to make the voices of Cupertino residents and other interested parties known in city meetings.  They will have the information needed to speak before council or city commissions, write to council members and staff, or participate in public outreach on major projects.

Cupertino Matters not only informs you, the reader, about upcoming meetings, but also attends all major meetings, then provides a recap of the actions so you can be informed about your elected officials, and hold them accountable.

About the Editor

Jean Bedord is a community leader who is passionate about the importance of civic engagement and good governance.  She has lived in Cupertino for over 25 years, serving on the Cupertino Library Commission as both Chair and member, successfully advocating for a new public library.  Jean has been deeply connected not just to Cupertino, but also the information profession.  She taught for many years at San Jose State University in the graduate program in library and information science, one of the pioneers in online education. Prior to that, she was a Product Director at Dialog Information Services, one of the first commercial search engines (before Google!).