Be Informed

Cupertino Matters was founded
because local news is hard to find these days, with the decline of our local
newspapers. Local news sources include the following:

  • The Cupertino
    published on Fridays, still exists in print form, but has a 7 to
    10 day lag time in printing any news.  It
    still remains the newspaper of record for legal notices, but contains few
    articles directly related to Cupertino. 
    Significant happenings in Cupertino are covered in the parent newspaper,
    the San Jose Mercury News, and are available online.
  •  is a recent addition providing timely online
    news about many activities in Cupertino, with a weekly alert for subscribers.
  • Nextdoor is a social networking service for
    neighborhoods. Residents have to signup, and can only see postings in their
    neighborhood plus immediately adjacent neighborhoods. Though Cupertino is a
    small city, neighbors near Los Altos can’t see postings by neighbors  near Lawrence Expressway, but can see southern
     Sunnyvale postings.  The city pays for agency status, and uses
    Nextdoor as a channel to distribute announcements.
  • Cupertino
    is a monthly publication by the city of Cupertino, with articles
    about the city. The print version is distributed city-wide, plus it’s available

City of Cupertino web sites: 

  •  is the official city website with departmental sections, calendar of upcoming events, press releases and a wealth of information – though you may need use the search box to locate documents you are interested in.  A Google search may be more effective using the site operater:  site:  your topic
  •  is a separate linked database which contains meeting schedules and official public materials for those meetings. This database is best navigated by selecting the council or commission, from the calendar plus date of the meeting.
  • Live stream (watch in the comfort of your home on Comcast channel 26!) and recorded videos are available for all city council meeting, as well as planning commission meeting, and selected other commission meetings.  Community Hall is essentially a recording studio so the recordings are high quality.  Meetings at other locations may also be recorded but typically lower quality.
  • Archive City videos  can be found by following this link to the different platforms:   Council meetings can be found on both YouTube and the city’s own servers:
    • YouTube videos have captioning and searchable transcripts available if the meeting is less than 4 hours long. Long meetings (i.e. 9 hours) may be broken into several parts. YouTube uses Google Translate, so the text is not perfect, but the combination of text on the screen and audio is can improve understanding.
    • City’s site recordings show the agenda, and have an index to jump to the relevant agenda items.

Feel free to express your opinion on city matters to city council . Contacts at